Developing a Global Mindset

Navigating the Academic, Social and Cultural Environment as an International Student

Graduates with a solid education and global mindset are a hot commodity in the international community. The path to this objective, however, is a not as simple as we might imagine. Academic achievement in secondary education may be the foothold into a good post-secondary institution, but surviving and thriving as an international student will require a few more qualities.

Learning Objectives:

This 90 minute webinar introduces students and parents to a range of issues to consider regarding the social and cultural realities of living in an international academic environment.

Four areas will be addressed:

  • Coping with the overwhelming array of choices without the normal support and encouragement of family and friends
  • Preparing for mental fatigue associated with 24/7 usage of English language and adaptive social skills
  • Dealing with the social challenges of living in an unfamiliar, perhaps uncomfortable, cultural setting
  • Responding adequately to the vast number of logistical issues and decisions required for living in a completely unknown community

Speaker: Dan Sheffield

President and Principal Consultant - CultureShift, Inc.
Dan is an experienced educational communicator with life experience in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. He regularly coaches young adults on international placements, in the initial stages of cross-cultural adjustment.

CultureShift provides a unique “guided development” experience for international students

Live Dates: April 14th, May 19th, June 16th
Time:  10.30 PM EST  
Duration: 90 minutes
Webinar Deliverables
Individual Cost for this Session: $89.99
Includes access to the live session and access to the On Demand version post event!
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